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Mango Sorbet
26 Marzo 2004
Ricette degli amici
Questo splendido gelato me l’ha mandato Jenny Freeman da Brisbane, Australia. Mi fa venire in mente una gustosa barzelletta napoletana, sulla bibita di mango.

300ml water

250 g sugar

(bring to boil then allow to cool in fridge)

300g mango pulp (best to use the really smelly ripe ones)

juice of half a lemon

Mix all the above together and pour into an icecream maker,

rotate for about 15 minutes,

and then you have the most delicious, refreshing, divine mango sorbet,

which you have on the back verandah in the heat,

with the sky above you and the bats squawking

in the pawpaw trees;

very Queensland.

You can also add the sorbet

to a quantity of vanilla icecream.

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