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Erastus Abonyo
3. Informal settlements integration. The role of professionals.
29 Ottobre 2008
2007 Word Social Forum Nairobi
The abstract of the intervention held at the conference in Nairobi, WSF 2008

Note. There is a lot of discussion on upgrading. It is my observation thatintegration is more critical than upgrading. It denotes inclusion without being paternalistic. It is in this process that professionals can recast their role. By integrating informal settlements in their practice. The professionals find a new market and source of knowledge and challenge.

Define informal settlements.

Define traditional roles for professionals in the built environment.

Explore experiences in Kenya.

Outstanding challenges in informal settlements integration.

Role of professionals.

- Defining the new professional

- Methodology.

- Implementation strategies

- Evaluation of integration

Conclusions. Recasting the professional.

REF. Majale / ilishe paper / Hans .


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